• Every company that plans its human resources and is socially responsible has an
    internship program.
  • It is intended for all pupils and students of relevant schools and faculties who lack
    practical experience.
  • Interns are given the opportunity to actively participate in projects, feel the dynamics of
    the corporation and get acquainted with the latest technologies, equipment, and
  • Internships are led by experienced and trained mentors.
  • The work of interns is carried out according to plan and program, monitored by HR and
    it’s regularly evaluated.
  • Interns are supported in the preparation of Bachelor’s and Master’s dissertations.
  • Interns undergo an online exit interview.
  • Interns receive a certificate upon completion of the internship.

What do our internships look like?

  • Day One – Onboarding
  • Over the course of the internship – Coordination of the process and support to interns
  • Completion of internship – Evaluation of the mentor by the intern and the intern by the
Professional internships

Intended for support sectors for a period of nine months:

  • Digital Transformation Office
  • Finance Division
  • Business Control Sector
  • Public Procurement Service
  • Human Resources Section
  • Legal Department
  • Logistics and Procurement Sector
  • Marketing and Corporate Communications Department
  • Possibility to receive an offer for an employment contract for a junior position
  • Internships are full-time and paid.
Engineer of future

In 2014 we started organising two month professional education programmes with theoretical and practical trainings for fresh graduates from the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering – University of Belgrade
  • Faculty of Electronic Engineering – University of Niš
  • Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, Department of Telecommunications and Networks – University of
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering – University of Banja Luka
  • Other electrical engineering faculties in Serbia, B&H, Montenegro
Engineer of the future


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What to expect after completing professional education? dd

All students which successfully acomplish two months of professional education will gain valuable experience and knowledge for the further career development. Students who are evaluated as best performers during professional education will get an opportunity to become employees and develop their carriers in highly educated environment and challenging projects.


Roaming Networks provided me the opportunity to advance in all fields of business, both in Serbia and abroad, and the necessary knowledge and skills with which I progressed from the position of Implementation Engineer to the position of Director of Planning, Construction, and Maintenance of Access Networks.

Uroš Marković, 33

Engineer of the Future is a wonderful opportunity for all the young
people that want to do something good for themselves and their
careers. I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from
experienced engineers and good people, understand how company culture works, and gain experience by working on various international projects.

Aleksandar Stojanović, 29

From the very beginning, I had the opportunity to learn a nice
engineering job – designing. The biggest advantage is working on
interesting projects with outstanding colleagues who selflessly share their knowledge. In such an environment, it is very easy to acquire knowledge and progress. And that’s what Roaming Networks provides.

Malvina Gavrilović, 29