Change in corporate identity Dot Networks

The company Roaming Networks has changed its name and it is now Dot Networks doo.


The change in the group’s business name and corporate identity brings about changes that began at the end of last year when there was an acquisition of Roaming Networks by the Maneks Group.


Managing Director Mihailo Mrđa emphasizes that the name and visual changes were made so that we can express as precisely as possible the business strategy with which we will continue the development of the companies and the promotion of all segment businesses.


“We have significantly expanded the portfolio. In addition to the telecommunications business, we have introduced a new line of business and, thanks to the great knowledge and experience that came with the acquisition by the Maneks Group, we have also turned to the business in the field of ecology and renewable energy sources,” adds Mrđa.


Subsequently, the focus is on all aspects of changing the corporate identity with the aim of positioning Dot Networks as a modern, technologically strong and environmentally conscious company.