Financing energy-efficient projects – supporting the ESG harmonization of the economy


As a company with a broad portfolio of planning and construction services for solar power plants, we are able to offer our customers a complete service package from the idea to the implementation of the solar power plant construction project according to the highest standards, quality, guarantees, and most favorable prices, as well as financing at the most favorable conditions to offer to the market.


In this regard, our company recently entered into a collaboration with UniCredit Bank, which, in collaboration with international financial institutions, provides funds to finance energy-efficient projects, primarily the construction of solar power plants.


The financing parameters are as follows:
Investment loan for the solar power plant.
The repayment period is adjusted to the repayment period of the investment.
Grace period up to 12 months.
Currency: RSD, RSD indexed in EUR.
Security: promisory note of loan recipient, equipment deposit, insurance policy transferability and other instruments as required.


Additional Products:
– The possibility of setting the cost of the interest rate and concluding an insurance package.
We are available to answer any questions you may have, to develop conceptual solutions with techno-economic analysis and to build the power plant using the “turnkey” system.


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Let’s brighten the future with solar energy.