The company Roaming Networks with the Volleyball Association of Serbia

Our company continues to support projects related to sports, development and education of young people and we welcome the end of this year with the signing of a cooperation agreement with the Volleyball Association of Serbia (OSS).


The contract was signed by the General Director of Roaming Networks, Mihajlo Mrđa, and the President of OSS, Đula Mešter.


Director Mrdja emphasized that we remain true to our determination to help young people in Serbia, and what could be nicer and more useful than supporting young people who play sports.

“The merger took place thanks to the new president of the Roaming Networks Group, Dragoljub Zbiljić. He was the head of the “Vojvodina” volleyball club for more than five years and then established good relations with the association. So we immediately came up with the idea that Roaming Networks should support the association and the fantastic work it does for this sport in Serbia,” he added.


Former national player and now first man of OSS, Đula Mešter, expressed his satisfaction with the contract with another well-known Serbian brand.

“Athletes are our best ambassadors, it is well known that our women volleyball players are world champions twice in a row and we would not have made it without the support of the state and our companies.

“Next year the Olympic Games in Paris are waiting for us, the women’s national team has already qualified, the men’s team continues to fight, and from April we will have 10 selections in action and we need support,” said Mešter, pointing out that that the collaboration between OSS and the company “Roaming Networks” is a natural collaboration.


After the signing of the contract, the director of Roaming Networks and the president of OSS, Djula Mester, made a statement on behalf of OSS.