Why building a solar power plant is a boost for the industry’s business activities Clean energy for a sustainable future

Our company has made extraordinary progress when it comes to producing clean energy but also protecting a sustainable environment. The portfolio of project planning and construction services for solar power plants as well as the knowledge of the statutory sustainability guidelines have led us to share the information that we consider important for the success and sustainability of our business activities.


At the end of last year the European Union adopted the Directive on the in-depth analysis of corporate sustainability under the ESG Protocol, and the entry into force of this document begins in two months, or on January 1, 2024. ESG as a concept means that the success and reputation of a particular company is evaluated not only according to financial criteria and quality standards, but also according to how it affects the environment (E-Environment), which are the social aspects and the business activity effects (S – Social) and management culture (G – Governance). To prepare for the changes ahead, companies must revise existing strategies, policies and aims as quickly as possible to define new ESG action plans with measurable short- and long-term goals and indicators of success.
This is particularly important for companies from Serbia that have access to the European market and want to become part of the supply chains of large companies. Not only is “due diligence” carried out when selecting local suppliers, i.e. an in-depth analysis of the application of ESG criteria, but banks will also carry out such analyzes when deciding whether to grant loans and guarantees.
The use of energy from renewable sources will be one of the most important criteria, and the most cost-effective solution is energy from solar power plants.


Why build solar power plants?
The construction of a solar power plant is often placed in the second priority group by investors from the industrial sector, as they do not consider it an essential investment for the production process. Although some devices or technical systems can bring savings, none of them are comparable to a solar power plant according to this criterion, so this should be taken into account when planning the budget. The construction of a solar power plant brings savings that can be a significant source of investment in the production process or another part of business activity, especially given the high prices of electricity for the economy, which are constantly growing, occupying an equal place among the largest costs.
Our colleagues at Solar Power Plants are available to answer any questions you may have, to create conceptual solutions with techno-economic analysis, and to build the power plant according to the “turnkey” system.


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