Broadband optical network has arrived in the village Pocerski Metkovic

The Roaming Networks company works within the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) project of bringing high-speed broadband internet access to rural areas of Serbia.


Our hard-working colleagues are working intensively on the project of broadband internet development in rural areas, which aim is to reduce the so-called “white zones” and provide technological help to less developed places in Serbia.



The project is part of an initiative to promote digitalisation as a initiator of economic growth and to position the country as a center for IT sector development.


Of the 123 rural settlements and about 146 schools covered by this project, the broadband optical network has reached the village of Pocerski Metkovic, which has 727 inhabitants, of which over 650 are residents of legal age.


Ultra-fast broadband internet will be available in the elementary school Laza K. Lazarevic, Sabac in Pocerski Metkovic, attended by 21 students divided into two combined classes, thus creating the necessary conditions for the development and bridging of the digital divide, which will be of particular importance to the students of this school.



We spoke to the principal of the school, Milan Blagojevic, about the benefits of this project, the cooperation with our colleagues, but also about the village itself.


1. To what extent does access to fast internet bring an advantage over before?

Access to the new Internet brings multiple benefits to the residents of the village of Pocerski Metkovic to the greatest extent. For us as an educational institution, it is very important that our students, like their city friends, can follow modern digital lessons at school with great internet speed, which enables the zone of next development in education. In addition to the students, this action also enables all other residents to have faster and easier contact in carrying out various needs that everyday life brings with it.


2. How was the cooperation with our colleagues during the work?

The cooperation with your colleagues was extremely professional, all planned activities related to the installation of the new optical internet were carried out on schedule and to the satisfaction of both parties.


3. Can you tell us some interesting facts related to your place?

Metkovic is a village known for St. George’s Church, which is right next to the school, so religious education often comes in handy as children have the opportunity to attend church services on major holidays. From a professional point of view, the residents of this place are always ready for any cooperation and actions that affect the promotion of the education of the children of this place. In the village, traditional values are cultivated with combined forces, which protect the residents from oblivion. It is worth mentioning the Kalinovac ethno-complex, which represents a combination of history, tradition and domestic crafts, and within its association there are workshops for lining wool, which attract great attention from casual or intentional passers-by.


In times when the world and business activities are changing at lightning speed, a stable internet connection is no longer an advantage, but a precondition and indicator of economic and social development.


We are proud because we can respond to this kind of challenge.