Rural areas in Serbia will receive a high-speed broadband internet access

The Roaming Networks company works within the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) project of bringing high-speed broadband internet access to rural areas of Serbia.
Our hard-working colleagues are working intensively on the project of broadband internet development in rural areas, which aim is to reduce the so-called “white zones” and provide technological help to less developed places in Serbia. The project is part of an initiative to promote digitalisation as a initiator of economic growth and to position the country as a center for IT sector development.

The project will include about 123 rural settlements and about 146 schools.
The ultra-fast broadband access will reach about 23.545 households in rural regions across Serbia, creating the necessary conditions for societal, economic and social development, which will be especially important for children and youth in these areas.

In times when the world and business activities are changing at lightning speed, a stable internet connection is no longer an advantage, but a precondition and indicator of economic and social development.

We are proud because we can respond to this kind of challenge.