Meet our instructors – Milos Kosanic

Roaming Networks Training Center provides theoretical and practical training for working at height and has a mission to increase safety and make working at height as safe as possible, while implementing the highest safety standards at work. In order to provide state-of-the-art and comprehensive training, we combine experience and skills of experienced instructors, accredited lecturers and professionals for working at height safety.

Learn more about the Training Center from the perspective of instructor Milos Kosanic who has 15 years of work experience on major projects across the country and abroad. Milos applies primarily a pedagogical approach in work and is always ready to impart his knowledge and years of experience.


How would you briefly present your current job?
My current job is that of an instructor at the Training Center for working at heights and installing telecommunications equipment. It primarily involves introducing candidates to equipment for safe work at height, laws and procedures for proper equipment installation, introduction to telecommunications equipment, as well as assembling, disassembling and equipment commissioning procedures.


What is one day at the Training Center like?
Every day at the Training Center is interesting and challenging in its own way. It begins by bringing the candidates to the Training Center where we already get an impression of the new trainees. Candidates take safety equipment and practice predetermined tasks, which are considered completed only when all candidates complete each part of the daily task. Depending on the speed of learning, we adapt to the candidates and try to devote ourselves as much as possible to each candidate in a friendly atmosphere, without tension and pressure, so that they can complete the training in a satisfactory and top-quality manner.


What is your favorite part of the training?
My favorite part is when candidates start rope work training, because only then do they get the real feel for working at height, which carries with it a lot of adrenaline and interesting procedures. This is affirmed by the fact that from then on, they come to each training session full of energy and enthusiasm, recounting the previous day.


What do you like the most about your job and what are your challenges?
The biggest challenge for me is to impart my knowledge and experience to candidates who have a harder time acquiring new skills. At the same time, I am most pleased by the fact that, week after week, candidates leave the Training Center and, thanks to our training, are ready for further work and improvement in the field in order to one day become independent riggers.


What advice would you give someone who is interested in working at heights (TC industry)?
The most important advice is to approach work very seriously and responsibly because the position of rigger, as interesting as it is, carries with it great risks and there is no room for error.