Storytelling, More than work – Danijela Dučić

Our female colleagues occupy a variety of positions, from managerial and engineering to field positions – side by side with experienced fellow riggers and technicians. Every day, their work contributes to business development, finding creative solutions and a more innovative approach to business.

On this occasion, we would like to introduce you to our colleague, Danijela Dučić, Executive Director for ICT Infrastructure and Data Centers and Executive Director of Customer Relations and Sales Development.


How would you briefly describe your professional career?

As a mathematician at heart, an eternal nerd, a straight A student and a valedictorian, when I passed the entrance exam, I was second on the list of all technical faculties and I could enroll at any faculty I wanted. I chose Faculty of Traffic and Transport Engineering because that’s what I loved. I won a Serbian Railways scholarship, so during my studies I went to America on a student exchange program. I began my career at P.S. Telefonija, which at that time was a very strong and successful telecommunications company, where I spent 10 years, learned a lot and built my career moving up through the company’s organization. At the end of 2014, I joined Roaming Networks and became part of the Roaming Networks family. I got the opportunity to work on exceptional projects with great people and engineers, as well as to advance through the organization and become part of the company’s top management. With my commitment and work, I contributed to the development of the company and got the chance to build my own team. On this journey, which has been going on for 9 years, I also became a mom.


Can you tell us a little more about your position in the company?

My position at Roaming Networks today is exactly what suits me. I analyze the market, identify and create new business opportunities, promote the company in a part of the market where we have never been present, and introduce our business lines to new clients. I try for us to make an impression at the first meeting, to show the strength of Roaming Networks and to get the opportunity to prove it through the project and cooperation.
I am of the opinion that in business, as in life, the most important thing is trust, so I try to build a relationship with clients based on trust, and since I deal with sales, my words must be backed by quality, because that’s the only way we can become long-term partners with new to clients.


What challenges did you encounter during your career as a woman in the telecommunications industry?

There were all sorts of things, difficult moments, too, but most often challenges are good and interesting, and I try to accept each new challenge as a new experience.


What advice would you give to someone aspiring to a career like yours?

Be inquisitive, brave and dedicated. And just go for it.


What’s your top strategy for success?



How do you prefer to spend your spare time?

With my son, my life, we fly to the stars. With my husband, my love, we talk or remain silent, we walk, travel, hang out, agree, disagree and everything else that makes up life and love. With my sister, my conscience and my strength, we talk about life and girl stuff. With my parents, my pride, we try to be together as often as we can. With my friends, my soul medicine, we always have a good time, no matter what we do. That’s how I like to spend my free time the most.