Meet our instructors – Milos Maksimovic

Roaming Networks Training Center provides working-at-height certificated training that combines theoretical classes and practical sessions. To provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive working at height training, we combine the experience and skills of experienced instructors, accredited lecturers and safety and working at height professionals.

Learn more about the Training Center from the perspective of instructor Milos Maksimovic.

Milos is a telecommunications specialist with more than 20 years of experience in working at heights.

He earned the epithet of a good instructor through his dedicated work, using the latest methods of learning and perfecting the techniques of working at height.


How would you briefly present your current job?

The job of an instructor at our Training Center is, above all, a job that one loves. Passing on my knowledge, skills and experience to new candidates and future colleagues is truly a privilege and a great inspiration to me.


What is one day at the Training Center like?

Bearing in mind that the Training Center offers several types of training, depending on the requirements from HR or our partners, as well as the information we get, it is necessary to prepare for each type of training separately. We start the day by having a meeting held every morning by the team from the Training Center on the plan and program of the training. We meet the candidates, exchange experiences, talk about their expectations, present our program, the outcome, and the goal of the training. During the training itself, we analyze each previous day of training with candidates and check their knowledge and progress.  We check practical knowledge and progress every morning at the training ground, while theoretical knowledge is checked at the end of the day through the work diary.


What is your favorite part of the training?

There are many, but I’ll describe two.

My first favorite part is SAFETY training. Safety and health at work are vital interests of our company and the Training Center. I attach particular importance to training in working with industrial rope, working under platforms and working on booms.

My second favorite part of the training is when we impart knowledge and skills related to the assembly, installation and maintenance of telecom equipment to the candidates (antenna systems, base stations, etc.), because it is a living system composed of a lot of equipment that requires special attention and concentration for the system to work.


What do you like the most about your job and what are your challenges?

What I like the most is that we built the Training Center according to the highest world standards and we have the conditions to approach each candidate professionally.

Our biggest challenge is when we have candidates who have acrophobia (fear of heights), which leads to exceptionally specific and difficult processes that require special skills and a lot of patience to solve the problem.


What advice would you give someone who is interested in working at heights (TC industry)?

The slogan of our Training Center is “Achieve success with us.” Our results, both on the domestic and international scene, speak louder than words. Roaming Networks offers you a chance to work in America, Austria, Germany and Norway, which is our great success and your opportunity. In addition to financial benefits and security, with us you get to know the world.